Prize Giving Winners 2021-22

Prize Giving Winners 2021-22

Wednesday Night (Winter) League Winners:

John Buchan, Angela Lyon, Ronnie Whyte (Skip) Missing: Lorraine Hunter & Donald Forbes

Wednesday Night (Spring) League Winners:

Angela Lyon, Trevor Kitching (Skip) Missing: Simon Merrett, Marion Malcolm & Alison Hamilton


Combined  League (Winter & Spring) Winners:

Winners Donald’s 2
Collected on behalf of Donald’s 2 Graham MacLennan presented by Jackie Lockhart


Mixed Doubles (Winter) League Winners:

Bill Ritchie & Theresa Hood


Mixed Doubles (Spring) League Winners:

Martin & Ann Forster


Henderson Trophy Winners:

AWW 2 – Ronnie Whyte & Albert Middler Missing: Barton Henderson (Skip) & John Graham


Director’s Cup Low Road Winners:

Winners Aberdeen CC – Brian Yeats, Katrina Beaton Missing: Chris Forbes (Skip) Peter Knoll


Director’s Cup High Road Winners:

Cocktail CC – Andy Smart , Murray McGregor (Skip) Missing: Martin Suttie, Fiona Hardie


Thursday (Winter) League Winners:

Neil Ward, Rod MacKenzie (Skip), Patrick Campbell Missing: David Cruickshank, Pam Watson


Thursday (Spring) League Winners:

Iseabal Emslie, James Young (Skip), Billy Reid Missing: Lorraine Hunter, Raymond Alexander


Afternoon (Winter & Spring) League Winners:

Bill Morrison (Skip), Rosemary Morrison, Karen Shaw & Malcolm Watson


Super League C Winners:

Team Suttie – Andy Smart, Iain Robertson Missing: Martin Suttie(Skip), Nick Watters & Susan Lennie


Super League B Winners:

Team Stephen – Rowan Craik, Mike Alexander, Lewis Stephen (Skip) Missing: David Hibberd


Super League A Winners:

Team Powell – Iain Powell , Tom Brewster (Skip) Missing: Michael Milne, Tim Stevenson

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