Joining and Clubs

How to Join

Curl Aberdeen is a members owned facility with over 700 members. To play at Curl Aberdeen out with any organised coaching session, all players must become members.

Curling Clubs

Curling Clubs are the best way forwards if you would like to continue playing on a regular basis, meet new players and develop your game. Curling Clubs operate during the curling season from September to April, depending on ice rink opening times.


There are over 20 curling clubs from all over Aberdeenshire affiliated to Curl Aberdeen if you’re looking to continue the sport long term. Clubs are ready to welcome new members and offer regular curling. Social events, access to regional and national competitions and membership of the governing body with its wide range of associated benefits. Some clubs cater for specific groups such as age, gender or disability. For a full list of clubs who curl at Curl Aberdeen along with their contact details email